The Outstanding Research Mentor Award

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Important Note: An integral part of this award's selection process will be evaluating the effect each mentor has had on both their current and former research students. We will be contacting, if possible, former students to ask them questions similar to those found below. With this in mind, please respond thoughtfully and accurately to the following questions and include as many details as you feel are necessary to explain your experiences.

How did you become involved in research/work with your mentor?

How did your project develop?

In what ways did your mentor provide you with assistance in carrying out your project, analyzing your results, and/or preparing your project for presentation?

Was there a substantial amount of out-of-class interaction between you and your mentor in order to complete this project?
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Were other students involved in the project?
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Did your mentor encourage you to present at the Student Research Conference?
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Did your mentor encourage you to present at an off-campus venue?
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Have you planned (or are you planning) on presenting this work at an off-campus venue?
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Obviously if you have gotten this far you feel strongly that your mentor deserves to be recognized for their work assisting you with a research project.

Please feel free to answer this final question informally. We ask that you provide at least a few sentences, but you may use as much space as you feel is necessary.

In what ways do you feel you have most benefited from your experiences associated with your research project and the work you have done with your mentor/nominee?

Please include any examples of personal or professional development that have occurred as a direct result of your project. You may want to include special skills or any other learning that you feel you may not have otherwise received at Truman State University.

Disclaimer: This information is being collected and evaluated by a committee of Truman students with technological support from ITS. The information you supply will not be made directly available to your mentor/nominee as part of the selection process, nor will it be made available to them once the selection process has been completed. After the final selections have been made, the identities of the students who have nominated faculty members will be separated from the information they submitted. This will be done to protect the identities of the submitters, while enabling this committee to compile data related to the backgrounds and experiences of those who chose to submit nominations for this award. Furthermore, during the selection process this committee will inform each nominated mentor of his/her status in order to prompt them for a short personal statement regarding their views on student research and a contact list of former research students. This prompt to nominated faculty will NOT include ANY information related to the identity of their nominator or any comments from the nomination form.