Submission Guidelines

Deadline for 2024 Conference: March 24, 2024

The deadline has passed for submitting abstracts

  1. Eligible work - An eligible presentation will report, perform or represent the outcome of substantial work by a student or group of students. While the project may have its origin in an assignment for a class, the presentation should show it has been developed above and beyond a class requirement. It is a paper, artifact or performance that can truly be called a creative achievement.
  2. Faculty mentor required - Each presentation should be sponsored or co-sponsored by a Truman faculty mentor(s); non-sponsored abstracts will not be accepted. If students wish to present scholarly work that has been conducted during an off-campus research internship-type experience, and the faculty mentor is from a different institution, the student should identify a Truman faculty member to be a co-sponsor of the presentation and to help with planning the presentation.
  3. Abstract requirement - Each presentation requires an abstract. An abstract is a summary of the project, and should reflect the professional format normally associated with scholarly work in the discipline (e.g., an abstract of an artistic performance may be similar to the program notes that typically accompany such a performance; science abstracts typically include background information, methods, results, and a brief discussion). All abstracts will appear on the conference web site and in the printed program volume.
  4. Student authorship - The same student should not be a first author on more than two abstracts. Both single- and multiple-author presentations are welcome. In addition, if undergraduates and graduate students are collaborators on a project, all can be joint authors on the presentation.
  5. Abstract preparation - Student authors should adhere to professional submission standards when preparing abstracts and should work with their faculty mentors to ensure that their abstract is correct, complete, and that all guidelines are followed. The body of the abstract should not exceed 150 words, and it can be composed and edited using standard word processing software. The final abstract, along with other information, will need to be submitted via the online submission form. Examples of past abstracts can be viewed on the web site ([sample abstracts]).
  6. Interdisciplinary presentations - Interdisciplinary presentations are encouraged.  All interdisciplinary submissions will be reviewed and considered for inclusion in a special Phi Kappa Phi interdisciplinary session.
  7. Online submission - Submission of abstracts, titles, and other relevant information for all presentations should be carried out online at the Conference web site (Abstract Submissions). Copies of the information submitted will be sent electronically to the student presenter(s) and the faculty mentor. The submission site will open in January 2024, and the deadline for receiving abstracts is March 24, 2024 (11:59 pm CST).