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If you want to submit one or more abstracts for the SRC, you must create an SRC submission account. An SRC submission account allows you to submit abstracts for approval by your faculty mentors. Abstract information will appear in the SRC program exactly as you enter it via this submission process. The submission account saves information as you proceed through the submission steps so that you may log out at any time before the final submission. The account will save your information so you can come back and complete the submission procedure at a later date. When creating this account, choose a password that is different from those you use for other things (e.g. your Truman email account). A complete abstract submission will require the following information:

  1. Full name, class rank, major, phone number, and email address for all presenters.
  2. Full name, title, School, email address, and institution (if not Truman State University) for faculty mentors

You should also understand that, by entering the information for an abstract, you will be listed as that presentation's Primary Presenter in the SRC program.  

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