Information for Students

The annual Student Research Conference is one of the distinctive features of the Truman experience, an important reason why the school that you are attending has such a strong reputation. As you consider applying to be a part of this special day, there are a few items below that may convince you to become involved, and will lead to an enriching, and exciting experience.

What are the benefits to the students?

Tips for the abstract submission and preparation of your presentation

  1. Communicate with your faculty mentor early. Your mentor is a professional; you will soon become a professional. Learn from her/him the proper procedures for designing and presenting your project. Let them know early your hopes and dreams for the conference, so that they may guide you with wisdom.
  2. Have your mentor review your material. If possible let them see your abstract. Certainly work with them so that your presentation will be of professional quality.
  3. Practice and time your talk. You will have 10-12 minutes to speak, 3-5 minutes to answer questions. You will not be permitted to exceed this limit. In preparation for a professional conference, the speaker practices and times the presentation. Be professional, and do this as well.
  4. Use PowerPoint judiciously. A professional uses PowerPoint as an aid to outline and guide a presentation, not to substitute for a presentation.

On the Day of the Presentation:

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How do audience members benefit?

First, you can learn what your friends and classmates are doing in all of Truman's Departments and disciplines.  Each Department has scheduled sessions at which your fellow students will present reports of their research. Most sessions include five student papers, and each paper takes 10-12 minutes to present, with a few minutes for questions.  Feel free to move around between papers or between sessions.  Explore fields that are new to you.

But that's not all.  You can attend Fine Arts performances in Ophelia Parrish's Performance Hall.  Have you ever asked a how a composer writes a new piece of music?  Here's your chance.  Or you can attend the poster sessions from 3:30 to 4:30 in the Georgian Room of the Student Union Building, where students will show posters that report the results of their research.  The researchers will be right there alongside their posters, ready to answer your questions about their project.  Studio arts will be on display in Ophelia Parrish at this time also.

A Conference-wide Plenary Address will also be included in the program.  And it all wraps up with a closing reception from 4:45 to 6 p.m.  Share the pride, support your classmates, and have a great day.

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