2019 Student Research Conference:
32nd Annual Student Research Conference

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Marissa B. Banks
Dr. Heidi Cook, Faculty Mentor

This photograph was taken after almost two hours of driving around the outskirts of town; I was getting very frustrated that I had not found anything I wanted to photograph. I finally got so lost and annoyed that I was about to turn around, but then I found this dead end and the wandering was worth it. This process involves not only finding a subject to photograph, but also correctly using the 4x5 camera to capture them with no way of knowing whether or not a photograph was successful until it is processed in the darkroom. Large format photography is challenging and I have experienced much more failure than success, but I have yet to find another medium that can capture both a negative and positive equally as beautifully.



Presentation Type: Studio Art

Session: 1-31
Location: OP Art Gallery
Time: 3:00

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