2019 Student Research Conference:
32nd Annual Student Research Conference

Truman Students' Perceptions, Behaviors, and Attitudes Related to Online Health Information and Sources

Benjamin R. Lasser*, Madison P. Cockrum, and Taylor C. Cichon
Dr. Nancy Daley-Moore, Faculty Mentor

Many people use the internet to obtain information relating to their health.  Oftentimes, this information may be misleading or inaccurate. Thus, the purpose of this study is to explore Truman students’ use and perceived credibility of different sources of online health information. The researchers administered surveys to 535 students across all majors and disciplines. Students were recruited by the researchers in lecture, and 14 professors from 10 majors allowed surveys to be offered in their lectures. The response rate from the students was >90%.

Participants of the study are primarily female (63.8%) and underclassmen at Truman State (76.9%).  The majority of respondents declared that health was important (91.8%) while less (56.2%) reported checking the credibility of their health resources.

The results of this study will allow Truman administrators and other public health officials to develop population-appropriate interventions or further research studies relating to online health information.

Keywords: Online, Health, Information, Resources, Credibility

Topic(s):Health Science

Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 4-2
Location: SUB GEO
Time: 3:00

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