2019 Student Research Conference:
32nd Annual Student Research Conference

Picture This! Elaborative Rehearsal May Not Improve Memory For Images 

Grant C. Wallace* and Alena C. Marrese
Dr. Robert Tigner, Faculty Mentor

Inspired by well-established memory research on words, this study manipulated depth of processing and retrieval practice while applying them to images rather than words. All 79 participants in the study viewed 3 sets of 20 pictures, using a different orienting task with each set (visualize yourself interacting with the object, identify the main color of the image, or use whatever technique you prefer to memorize images). Half the participants practiced retrieval before being excused for the day. Participants returned 24-48 hours later to complete both free recall and recognition tasks for all 60 images. We hypothesized that those who practiced retrieval would have better recall than those who did not and that objects in the deep processing set would be recalled best while those in the shallow processing set would be recalled worst. In contrast with prior research, the shallow orienting task was the best method for recall and recognition.

Keywords: Memory, Retrevial Practice, Depth of Processing, Study Tips, Images


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 202-3
Location: BH 114
Time: 10:45

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