2019 Student Research Conference:
32nd Annual Student Research Conference

Speaking Through Pictures: Showcasing the Lives of College Students with Disabilities

Nick P. Rincon*, Anne Richardson, and Brenna Keniley
Dr. Jennifer R. Hurst, Faculty Mentor

Disability affects nearly 20% of student's lives at Truman State University.  During the Spring 2019 semester, an IRB-approved Photovoice study portraying disability on Truman’s campus was conducted. Using various methods of recruitment, volunteers who identified as having a disability (n=10) submitted 27 photos for the project. This research took a qualitative and quantitative approach to assess perceptions of disability among students. A constant comparative method of analysis was used to identify the major themes of the photos submitted, while pre-surveys and post-surveys were used to assess changes in attitudes and knowledges for exhibit viewers.  Photos submitted by volunteers were on display in a public gallery during 4 different days.  The photos were used to illustrate the experiences that students with disabilities have on Truman’s campus. The hope for this research is to be carried on by other capstone groups to continue disability advocacy on campus. 

Keywords: Photovoice, Disability, Health Science, Disability Studies, Pictures, College, Exhibit, Students

Topic(s):Health Science
Disability Studies

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 201-3
Location: BH 102
Time: 10:45

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