2019 Student Research Conference:
32nd Annual Student Research Conference

“It was like we’re getting all the pieces together for the puzzle:" The Impact of Digital Video Composition on the Student Writing Process


Jasper Joyce♦
Rebecca Dierking, Dr. Summer Pennell, and Dr. Sarah Mohler, Faculty Mentors

In this digital era, educators look for ways to unify classroom content with texts consumed outside of school. Researchers have investigated the pros and cons of a newer mode of composition that many engage with more frequently than any other media source: digital video (DV). This composition is often studied in the context of multimodality and critical media literacy, but its impact on how students compose their pieces (organizational methods, rhetoric, etc.) goes overlooked. This case study examines the impact of DV composition on the writing processes of high school students. Using grounded theory analysis, the study examines its impact on how students draft their compositions and how they view the scope of their writing and themselves as creators. This study extends the discourse surrounding the implementation of DV in classrooms by providing insights from students for teachers trailblazing this mode of composition in classrooms across content areas.

Keywords: Digital Video Composition, Multimodal Composition, English Language Arts, Writing Process, Student Centered

English, Secondary MAE Research
English MAE Intern

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 207-3
Location: MC 208
Time: 10:45

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♦ Indicates Truman Graduate Student
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