2017 Student Research Conference:
30th Annual Student Research Conference

Synthesis of Allyl Sulfates with Multiple Cations

Andrea R. Hamillton*, Lucy M. Gavlick, and Dorian S. Sneddon
Dr. Tim Humphry and Dr. Amy Fuller, Faculty Mentors

Organosulfate esters have been found to be present in the atmosphere. Because the organosulfate esters are present in such small amounts, it is imperative that a method to synthesize these molecules in lab be achieved. This synthesis focused on the anion allyl sulfate and the various cations that can be used to form the salt, including potassium, sodium, and ammonium. Various methods of synthesizing the molecule have been attempted in order to find the most successful reaction. The results of these syntheses have been used to identify the characteristics of these sulfate esters in order to ultimately identify the potential effects on the environment.

Keywords: Organosulfate, Allyl sulfate, Sulfate esters, Environment


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 303-5
Location: MG 1096
Time: 2:00

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