2017 Student Research Conference:
30th Annual Student Research Conference

Multi-sensor Aggregation App for Wearable Devices

Kayci K. Parcells
Dr. Vayujeet Gokhale, Faculty Mentor

The focus of this project is to provide a non-invasive method of continuous health monitoring for preventative healthcare. The sensors provided in today’s wearable devices can provide a complete health analysis if all the data can be gathered and analyzed in real-time. For this project, we performed a comparison between existing off-the-shelf wearable health monitoring devices and developed an App that is capable of gathering and displaying the information from multiple wearable sensors in real-time. The direct access to the raw data from the sensors allows for the app to relay information back to the user in real-time and provides the possibility of doing real-time data processing. During this talk, it will become clear how these beneficial characteristics make it possible for this app to be integrated into a larger system of components that create a pipeline of information processing and data analytics.


Computer Science

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 206-4
Location: MG 2050
Time: 10:15

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