2017 Student Research Conference:
30th Annual Student Research Conference

Using YAL to Increase the Literacy of High School Students

Lauren K. Ragsdale♦
Dr. Rebecca Dierking, Faculty Mentor

Young Adult Literature has been at the center of Educational discussion for years. Often, this genre is considered ‘too easy’ and not worthy of studying in the classroom. However, incorporating Young Adult Literature into the classroom is crucial to the creation of lifelong readers. The Young Adult genre is changing the definition of ‘literature’ by revolutionizing the way texts are taught, and is giving students a reason to read. YA is motivating students to continue to read, because it is accessible and makes it easier for students to relate to the characters and themes of the texts. It can be the gateway to teaching students how to ‘read’ and critically analyze a text before they begin to tackle the more difficult texts, like Shakespeare’s plays. Students need the tools to do so before trying to decipher even simple texts, and YA can make it easier to teach these skills. 

Keywords: Young Adult , literature, high school, education, readers, motivation, students, themes

Topic(s):English MAE Intern
English, Secondary MAE Research

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 202-3
Location: MG 1090
Time: 10:00

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