2017 Student Research Conference:
30th Annual Student Research Conference

Methods in Improving Pitch-Matching and Pitch-Discrimination Ability in an Uncertain Singer

Joshua E. Warren♦
Dr. Mark Jennings, Faculty Mentor

The purpose of this case study was to explore methods of assisting a student in acquiring the skills of pitch-discrimination and pitch-matching through differing exercises. These exercises were designed in a sequence to create a path for the student’s brain to begin to understand the language of music more clearly. The student was taught in six sessions of twenty to thirty minutes. Should the student demonstrate proficiency in the current exercise, he would then proceed to the subsequent exercise. The sequence began with discriminating pitches, and ended with singing simple songs that adhered to a diatonic major or minor scale. Through observation and student work, the student progressed halfway through the whole sequence, but was unable to progress further due to time constraints. Given more time, the student may have been able to complete the sequence due to the signs of progress that were exhibited throughout the study.

Keywords: Music, Education, Singing, Uncertain Singer, Pitch-discrimination, Pitch-matching


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 214-1
Location: OP 2240
Time: 9:30

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