2017 Student Research Conference:
30th Annual Student Research Conference

Transcending Feminism: Queering the Equality Movement

leilani (Ian) S. Pratt
Dr. Hena Ahmad, Faculty Mentor

Transgender-inclusive feminism blurs the line between male and female roles created by society. Gender theory and narratives of transgender people allow for further speculation on traditional masculinity and femininity. Transgender-inclusive feminism explores further personal identity, rather than rules and regulations split between the two-gender-system. Another perk of transgender-inclusive feminism is that it pushes for scrutiny on the advantages of men over woman in society. With regards to multiple genders existing, attitude towards the opposite sex becomes obsolete. Also, more diversity and a larger collection of minorities bring forth empathy. An accepting feminist agenda bolsters the disadvantaged half of society and makes a more effective movement to fight inequality.

Keywords: tansgender, gender, society, empathy, inequality

Topic(s):Women's and Gender Studies

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 207-3
Location: MG 2090
Time: 10:00

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