2010 Student Research Conference:
23rd Annual Student Research Conference

Maxima in Minima
Shawn M. Bodden
Dr. Jamie D'Agostino, Faculty Mentor

Thiiief reads George Swedes poem M SS NG, a minimalist masterpiece on identity, hubris, self-deprecation, and still more themes: many more than words in the poem. My presentation will examine this poem and several other examples of minimalist poetry to analyze what techniques writers use to concentrate so much meaning in so few words. It will consider the interaction between the title and the text, the role of the reader in the construction of a poems meaning, and the benefits of writing in few words vs. many. The intention of my presentation is to expand the audiences knowledge and awareness of minimalist poetry from both the literary and creative writing perspectives: to demonstrate techniques in analyzing a minimalist piece as well as writing ones own.

Keywords: English, Poetry, Creative Writing, Minimalism, George Swede, John Ashbery


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 39-3
Location: VH 1324
Time: 1:45

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