2024 Student Research Conference:
37th Annual Student Research Conference

Number of Abstracts by Department

Department%Number of Abstracts
Computer Science33.3% 1
Exercise Science33.3% 1
Psychology33.3% 1


Number of Abstracts by Class Rank

Class Rank%Number of Abstracts
Sophomore16.7% 1
Junior33.3% 2
Senior50% 3


Number of Abstracts by Presentation Type

Presentation Type%Number of Abstracts
Oral Presentation33.3% 1
Poster Presentation66.7% 2


Number of Mentors by Department

Department%Number of Mentors
Computer Science25% 1
Exercise Science50% 2
Psychology25% 1
Off-Campus0% 0


Number of Students by Department

Department%Number of student
Computer Science16.7% 1
Exercise Science33.3% 2
Psychology50% 3

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