2008 Student Research Conference:
21st Annual Student Research Conference

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The following abstracts for presentation type Roundtable have been submitted:
  • A Reading Roundtable: 20 Writers on "The Family"

    Jennifer D. Miller*, Maureen T. Foody, Abby L. Neidig, Andrew J. Linhares, Luke Gardner, Lucia Flaim, Emily J. Murdock, Sarah K. Biggerstaff, Meredith L. Wells, Andrew L. Madras, Kimber J. Beckler, Harry O. Burson, Keith D. Watson, Amie M. Keane, Christopher J. Moore, Matthew J. Welker, Michelle R. Bachman, John E. Fausz, Shannon C. Harbaugh, and Nathan S. Hoffman
    Dr. Charles Breed, Faculty Mentor
    (28-1, 12:15, SUB Georgian B)
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