2024 Student Research Conference:
37th Annual Student Research Conference

Knowing Thyself: Contributions of Clarinet Virtuosos to the Clarinet Repertoire

Autumn M. Heath♦
Dr. Jesse D. Krebs, Faculty Mentor

There is a long, important legacy of composer-clarinetists who have contributed many important pieces to the clarinet repertoire. Having more intimate knowledge of an instrument gives composers a deeper understanding and insight into writing for it, so many of the works written by these composers are among the most idiomatic and rewarding to study. This research will focus mainly on the life and eccentric contributions of virtuoso clarinetist and composer Meyer Kupferman to the clarinet repertory. To provide context, other prominent clarinetist-composers of past and present will also be discussed, including Ernesto Cavallini, Bernhard Henrik Crusell, Heinrich and Carl Baermann, William O. Smith, Eric Mandat, Theresa Martin, and Kristen Denny Chambers.


Keywords: music, composers, instruments, clarinet


Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

Session: 101-4
Location: SUB Alumni Room
Time: 10:00

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