2024 Student Research Conference:
37th Annual Student Research Conference

Isolation of Novel Bacillus subtilis Bacteriophage from Soil

Sierra A. Adams*, Celeste A. Cummings, and Aubrey N. Watkins
Dr. Joyce Patrick, Faculty Mentor

Bacteriophages are viruses that infect bacteria. These viruses play a significant role in ecological functions such as the regulation of microbial communities. However, identification of a novel phage presents challenges related to host organism, genome sequencing, and phylogenetic analysis. The goal of this research is to identify and sequence novel bacteriophage. Using modified procedures from the HHMI Sea-Phages project, phages have been isolated from various soil samples using Bacillus subtilis as the host organism. The phage will be further amplified in the lab and visualized using TEM. Genetic analysis will include restriction fragment length polymorphism and genome sequencing using primers designed by PhiSiGns. Novel phage can be published to the bacillus phages database (bacillus.phagesdb.org).

Keywords: Bacillus subtilis, Bacteriophage, Sea-Phages, Soil isolation, Novel phage, Bacteriophage identification, Virus, Phylogenetics


Presentation Type: Poster Presentation

Session: 3-7
Location: SUB Activities Room
Time: 4:30

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