2022 Student Research Conference:
35th Annual Student Research Conference

Regenerative Orchard Implementation at Thousand Hills Farm

Abigail L. Hankins*, Kacie E. Barker, Brett Griesbaum, and Zachary A. Boeyink
Dr. Bob Johnson, Faculty Mentor

The Adair County Food Bank serves 500 families every month that struggle with food insecurities. Through our research, at the Thousand Hills Farm of Truman State University, we hope to create a self-sufficient regenerative orchard that will help provide food to the food bank. The introduction of a regenerative organic orchard will help increase the involvement and accessibility for students and the community at the farm. While increasing the public presence, the inclusion of new crops and flora will increase biodiversity and regenerative systems within the orchard. Implementing fruit and nut trees, flowers, bushes, trees etc will lead to an influx of natural beneficiaries (such as bees, butterflies, and natural pollination). More student use in the future and potentially new forms of income opportunities for the farm would result from this endeavor.

Keywords: Thousand Hills Farm, regenerative, orchard, natural beneficiaries, organic, biodiversity

Topic(s):Agricultural Science
Environmental Studies

Presentation Type: Poster Presentation

Session: 2-1
Location: SUB Activities Room
Time: 3:00

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