2018 Student Research Conference:
31st Annual Student Research Conference

"High or Drunk?" Perceptions of Risk Involved with Driving Under the Influence

Steven E. Chesselow
Dr. Paul Shapiro, Faculty Mentor

This study examines college students’ perceptions of risk involved with driving under the influence of marijuana compared to driving drunk. Data was collected using a 13-question survey given to 169 college-age students, designed to gauge attitudes on driving after smoking marijuana or after drinking 5 or more alcoholic drinks. Respondents were also asked to self-report current usage of marijuana and alcohol to test for differences in safety scores between groups. The resulting data showed more disagreement in the perceived safety of driving high, but all groups generally agreed that driving drunk is dangerous.

Keywords: DUI, Marijuana, College, Perception


Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 8-8
Location: GEO - SUB
Time: 3:30

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