2018 Student Research Conference:
31st Annual Student Research Conference

A Photometric Analysis of Az Vir

Andrew Neugarten
Dr. Vayujeet Gokhale, Faculty Mentor

We present photometric analysis of the eclipsing binary star system Az Vir.  The light curves presented are produced using data collected using the 17-inch PlaneWave telescope at the Truman State University Observatory utilizing Johnson B, Johnson V, and Johnson R filters.  We collected additional data using the 31-inch NURO telescope at the Lowell Observatory complex in Flagstaff, AZ using Bessel B, Bessel V, and Bessel R filters.   We use these data to generate light curves and then apply an 8-term truncated Fourier fit in order to confirm the classification of Az Vir as a W Ursae Majoris-type eclipsing variable.  In addition, we use data provided by the SuperWASP mission to perform a long term O-C (observed minus calculated) analysis on the system to determine if and how the period is changing.

Keywords: eclipsing, binary, Photometry, Lowell, NURO, Observatory, SuperWASP, Fourier


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 306-4
Location: MG 2050
Time: 1:45

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