2018 Student Research Conference:
31st Annual Student Research Conference

Stress and Other Aspects of Smoking Among Truman Undergraduates

Susan Whitmar
Dr. Paul Shapiro, Faculty Mentor

This study looks at Truman State University’s undergraduate students who smoke cigarettes and if the stress from Truman increases the amount the student smoke. This study also included other aspects of smoking like family history and other tobacco products. A survey was sent out to randomly selected Truman State University undergraduate students, and asked questions about different aspects of their smoking habits including when they started smoking, why they started, if they have family who smokes, what factors influence how much they smoke, and demographic questions. The results showed that the stress from Truman State University does influence how much an undergraduate student smokes.


Keywords: smoking, stress, students, undergraduate, study, tobacco


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 411-3
Location: VH 1320
Time: 3:00

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