2018 Student Research Conference:
31st Annual Student Research Conference

Turning Points 2000 as it relates to today’s middle school climate

Juila Missel♦
Dr. Wendy Miner, Faculty Mentor

When Turning Points 2000 was published, middle schools adopted the organizational structure and philosophy that was emphasized within the text to varying degrees. The tenet of ensuring adolescents’ success from an intellectual, social, emotional, and physical perspective by involving families and communities, teacher training, designing instruction, curriculum assessment, organizing relationships for learning, responsive curriculum, democratic governance, and healthy and safe school environment has been a long-standing tradition in true middle schools. The book has not been updated for more than 18 years. Seventy alumni of Truman State University’s MAE program were invited to participate in an online survey through Google Forms about current trends in philosophy and organizational structures in their middle schools. Of the 11 total participants, 6 participants have taught or are teaching in a middle school. Their responses are being analyzed and will be compared to the information provided in Turning Points.

Keywords: education, middle school, philosophy, organizational structure, Turning Points 2000


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 402-3
Location: MG 1090
Time: 3:00

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