2006 Student Research Conference:
19th Annual Student Research Conference

Human Potential and Performance

Northeast Missouri Rural Health Assessment Program Regional Summary
Heather N. Hufford-Ayer
Dr. Janice Clark Young, Faculty Mentor

The purposes of the Northeast Missouri Regional Health Assessment was to: a) determine the health status of the region: b) identify and assess health trends; and c) coordinate program planning and implementation to address health concerns in this 11-county region. This project was completed over three semesters: the needs assessment and survey development occurred during fall 2004; 5,000 surveys were mailed to residents and 1,000 were distributed during spring 2005; and data analysis was completed and summary reports were written during fall 2005. The top disease concerns were cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Nearly 55% of participants believed there was a need for insurance education programs. The lifestyle health risks recognized as not adequately being met were underage drinking, illegal drug use, tobacco use and obesity. Local health agencies must determine whether current programs address respondents’ needs or additional education programs will be required.

Keywords: health, assessment, rural

Topic(s):Health Science

Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 60-31
Location: OP Lobby and Atrium
Time: 4:15

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