2006 Student Research Conference:
19th Annual Student Research Conference


Aphrodite and Ares: Love and War
Stacey K. Strange
Dr. Steven Reschly and Prof. Martha L. Rose, Faculty Mentors

All is fair in love and war, and in ancient Greek mythology the slogan could have been “make love with war.” Love and hate are extreme emotions that drive people to transform, for better or for worse. These emotions, in their many forms and dichotomies, were embodied in the duality and power of the god Ares and the goddess Aphrodite. Not only do these deities have a dark side and bright side to their personalities and force, but they also came together in a passionate love affair. This affair resulted in the birth of four additional gods that further exemplify the multi-dimensional emotions of their parents. Ares and Aphrodite, individually, are powerful and multi-layered gods, but together they exploded in a passion that drove the ancient Greeks to strive for survival and success. This paper explores their dichotomies within the context of their physical home, Mt. Olympus, in Northern Greece.

Keywords: Aphrodite, Ares, Greek Gods, Dichotomies, Love and War, Mythology, Mt. Olympus

Topic(s):Study Abroad

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 45-3
Location: OP 2115
Time: 1:45

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