2006 Student Research Conference:
19th Annual Student Research Conference


Mapping Studies of Amylose Content in Maize Using SSR Markers and QTL Analysis
Peter J. Howe
Dr. Mark Campbell, Faculty Mentor

Starch is a raw material for food and non-food applications. Structural variation in starches can influence end-use and is mainly due to differences in amylose and amylopectin ratios. Breeding efforts have been made in maize to alter amylose content using a number of well characterized single genes. There are also a number of genes that have a quantitative effect on amylose; however, these have not been well characterized. This study was done to investigate two mapping populations. One population consists of the cross between B73 and MO17 (the IBM population). An attempt to characterize quantitative variation in amylose among these ‘normal’ starch types was made. In addition we are in the process of trying to characterize amylose variation among the parents H99 ae and Guat209:S13 ae in order to identify high amylose modifying genes needed for the developing of amylomaize VII germplasm. Results and progress on these will be discussed.

Keywords: amylose, Quantitative traits

Topic(s):Agricultural Science

Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 60-56
Location: OP Lobby and Atrium
Time: 4:15

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