2006 Student Research Conference:
19th Annual Student Research Conference

Fine Arts

Is the Muse Dead? Systematic Methods of Composition
Joshua A. Baum*, Michael V. Bebber♦, Carol Perry, JoAnne Pounds♦, Brendan J. Loula, and Brent L. Moran
Dr. Warren Gooch, Faculty Mentor

Throughout history, composers of concert music have seen the need to balance musical content and musical structure -- "composing with both sides of the brain". While most composers would agree that it is important to write music that is appealing and interesting to the listener, they may disagree on the processes by which such music should be written. This is especially true for concert music written after 1925. Beginning primarily with Arnold Shoenberg, many composers have consciously employed systems and methods of composition to aid them in the creative process. For those who would view the compositional process as solely inspiration-based, the use of precompositional determinants may appear to be "mechanical" or inflexible. Yet, such processes can be liberating and beneficial to the composer. In this session, student composers will discuss the role of compositional process in selected original works. The works under discussion will be heard during the session.

Keywords: Composers


Presentation Type: Performance Art

Session: 18-1
Location: OP 1393, Performance Hall
Time: 9:45

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