2006 Student Research Conference:
19th Annual Student Research Conference


Impact of Diabetes on Microvascular PO2 (PO2m) and Tension in Rat Extension Digitorum Longus (EDL) Muscle
Michael T. Paddock*, Carl E. Giacchi, and Angela M. Ware
Dr. Willaim Sexton (A.T. Still University) and Dr. Laura Fielden, Faculty Mentors

The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between PO2m on-kinetics and muscle tension in the EDL muscle of control (C) and diabetic (D; 50 mg/kg streptozotocin) rats. PO2m (phosphorescence quenching) and muscle tension (force transducer) was measured at rest and during 1 Hz contractions. PO2m on-kinetics was inferred from the mean response time (MRT; time to reach 63% of change in PO2m). Resting PO2m was not different in C and D rats. During contractions PO2m fell less in D rats. The MRT in EDL of D rats was faster (29±4 vs. 18±2 s; P<0.05). Despite pronounced EDL atrophy in D rats, peak tension/g was greater (144±15 vs. 276±46 g/g; P<0.05). The faster PO2m on-kinetics and smaller change in PO2m during contractions in the EDL of D rats appears due to a mismatch between the rate of oxygen delivery and oxygen consumption, and the greater mass specific tension.

Keywords: skeletal muscle, diabetes, oxygen consumption, on-kinetics


Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 60-80
Location: OP Lobby and Atrium
Time: 4:15

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