2023 Student Research Conference:
36th Annual Student Research Conference

“How Queer!” The Perceptions of Microaggressions Between Queer and Non-Queer Students

Hannah M. Grisham* and Samuel B. Clark
Dr. Yuna Ferguson, Faculty Mentor

Members of the Queer Community are often berated with microaggressions, which can cause stress and disgrace on a daily basis. While there is a lot of research on the impacts of microaggressions on the Queer community, there have not been studies that include both Queer and non-Queer participants. As well, there has been recent studies on the term “microaffirmations”, which are proposed to investigate the interaction between them and microaggressions. Because of this we conducted a study on perceptions of microaggressions and microaffirmations between cisgender/heterosexual and Queer students. The variables we measure are intensity of the emotional response to microaggressions and microaffirmations, as well as whether or not the participants are cisgender/heterosexual or Queer. For Queer participants we measured which identities within the Queer community they are a part of, and for Cis/Het participants measured their proximity to the Queer community, and compared differences with their emotional response. 

Keywords: Queer, Microaggression, Microaffirmation, Heterosexual, Cisgender, Stress, Perception, Identity


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