2023 Student Research Conference:
36th Annual Student Research Conference

The Cultural Revolution’s Effects on Chinese Youth as Depicted in Chinese Film

Evan T. Holway*, Charlie T. Wills, Sirui Cheng, and Cameron Spellman
Dr. Zhijun Wen, Faculty Mentor

In the Chinese films Youth, Coming Home, and To Live, portrayals of the Cultural Revolution highlight the negative changes that the massive political campaign had on the youth of China, warranting an understanding of what Chinese youth experienced at the time. The communist revival purposefully permeated all facets of society, especially the psyche of the Chinese youth. The Cultural Revolution as depicted in Chinese film shows in great detail the effects the revolution had on youth at the time, coming from the real experiences of the people that grew up during the 1970s. The aforementioned films have strong depictions of familial betrayal, the proving of political loyalty, and unconditional adherence to ideology. Our research presents the changes that China’s youth underwent in their interpersonal relationships, views of their families and government, their own personal values, and ultimately, how these changes affect China’s youth today.

Keywords: Cultural Revolution, China, film, youth, Chinese film, international, personal experiences, interpersonal relationships

Interdisciplinary Studies

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