2023 Student Research Conference:
36th Annual Student Research Conference

Government Misconduct in Wrongful Convictions

Greenlee C. Rigby
Ms. Elizabeth Wiles, Faculty Mentor

A wrongful conviction for the purposes of this presentation is a person who is convicted of a crime that they factually did not commit. From citations written by a police officer to a person who was sentenced to death, wrongful convictions occur at every level in the legal system. Government misconduct is intertwined in wrongful convictions. Albert Woodfox, a Black Panther member, was targeted by the Louisiana Department of Corrections for his party involvement and ability to unite inmates for a common goal. His experience, detailed in Solitary, is just one instance where the Government has framed someone for murder and persisted in keeping them in prison. This presentation aims to bring awareness to the injustice of wrongful convictions and how the Government can play a vital role in some cases.

Keywords: Wrongful Conviction, Awareness, Crime, Factually, Injustice

Topic(s):Justice Systems

Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

Session: TBA
Location: TBA
Time: TBA

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