2023 Student Research Conference:
36th Annual Student Research Conference

The Basque Civilisation: A Final Bastion of Ancient Europe

DJ P. McInturff
Dr. Erin Joyce, Faculty Mentor

The Basque people are the oldest surviving ethnic group in all of Europe, inhabiting the territory west of the Pyrenees mountains on both sides of the Franco-Spanish border.  Despite their relative celebrity as a cultural and linguistic minority, the Basques largely remain a demographic, historical, cultural, and linguistic mystery.  Some of the elements contributing to this vague and unique existence include genetic and geographic isolation, strong political movements in favor of local autonomy, the unique nature of the Basque language, the relatively late Christianization of the region, the traditionally matriarchal nature of the society, and the harsh suppression of Basque culture for the majority of the modern era.  However, this nuanced study of the population’s origins, history, economy, religious beliefs, other cultural aspects, and the language will help shed light upon this fascinating civilisation, which represents the last bastion of ancient European populations and cultures in the modern world.     


Keywords: French, Basque, History, Language, Culture, Linguistics , Religion, Spain

Topic(s):French Capstone

Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

Session: TBA
Location: TBA
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