2022 Student Research Conference:
35th Annual Student Research Conference

Classification: Unclassified

Samantha A. Webster
Dr. Heidi Cook, Faculty Mentor

When people think of the Army, most people imagine serious and strict people. Young children grow up playing war without really understanding what it is, bringing light to an otherwise dark subject. As a part of the Army, I’m not serious all the time; I still resist the urge to laugh in the most serious of situations. This makes me feel as if I’m living a double life as a young woman in college who is also in the Army. Each has very different expectations on how to think and to act. This work seeks to navigate these two lives, balancing my carefree nature with the composure demanded by the Army.


Topic(s):Studio Art- Annual Juried Student Exhibition

Presentation Type: Studio Art Exhibit

Session: 1-48
Location: OP Art Gallery
Time: 3:00

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