2022 Student Research Conference:
35th Annual Student Research Conference

Transitioning from Bricks and Mortar to Virtual - Insect Collections at Truman

Keira Sprogoe* and Micah J. Henman
Dr. Laura Fielden, Faculty Mentor

Truman Biology Department has an in-house entomology collection that is used primarily in entomology (BIOL316) to assist with identification of insects from student collections. In response to COVID restrictions, students were asked to turn in a virtual collection comprised of photographs of living insects in their natural environment rather than the more traditional display of hand collected and pinned insects. This poster presentation describes the establishment of a Truman virtual insect collection using Google Sites to display selected specimens from these individual collections. Google Sites was chosen as an easily accessible repository for digital images that can be used by students year by year. A major advantage of this virtual collection is that it does not require euthanization of insects and greatly reduces the cost of maintaining and storing preserved specimens. Disadvantages relate to identification of very small insects as well as hand’s on experience with collecting and preserving insects.

Keywords: entomology, insect, collection


Presentation Type: Poster Presentation

Session: 2-4
Location: SUB Activities Room
Time: 3:00

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