2022 Student Research Conference:
35th Annual Student Research Conference

An Analysis of Bill Clinton’s Apology Speech Using Pentadic Criticism

Madison P. Post
Dr. Andrew Klyukovski, Faculty Mentor

During Bill Clinton’s second term as President, it emerged that he had an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.  After months of denying the affair, Clinton admitted to the relationship in a speech addressed to the nation following his testimony in the Paula Jones case.  The motives of the speech can be examined using the Pentadic Criticism method and its five parts: act, agent, agency, scene, and purpose.  This method allows for the speech to be evaluated using multiple ratios and terministic screens which allows for different motives to be observed.

Keywords: pentadic criticism, president, ratios, terministic screens


Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

Session: 204-4
Location: SUB GEO C
Time: 11:00

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