2022 Student Research Conference:
35th Annual Student Research Conference

Environmental Injustice: An Analysis of Communities Surrounding EPA NPL Sites in Missouri
Nikki Newhouse
Dr. Brian Ott and Dr. Anton Daughters, Faculty Mentors

Contamination, pollution, and hazardous waste pose health risks to people living nearby. It is clear from past research that non-white and low-income neighborhoods carry the burden of risk from contaminated sites (Northridge et al. 2003). Prior research has addressed Superfund and hazardous site distribution on local and national levels, but there is a need for up-to-date research in Missouri. This content analysis of public records aims to understand the risks posed by Missouri’s hazardous sites on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National Priority List (NPL). What are the demographic and socioeconomic statuses of communities closest to NPL sites in Missouri? Does that status correlate to distance from hazardous sites? Results suggest that socioeconomic status and demographics of communities are related in some ways to location, but indicate that complexities between variables go beyond proximity.

Keywords: Environmental justice, Anthropology, Content analysis, Environmental Protection Agency, Superfund

Environmental Studies

Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

Session: 202-4
Location: SUB GEO A
Time: 11:00

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