2022 Student Research Conference:
35th Annual Student Research Conference

Ankle Taping Effect on Basketball Sport Performance

Valerie D. Alvarado♦* and Paullette Guerrier♦
Dr. Brandy Schneider, Faculty Mentor

Introduction: Prophylactic taping is done as an attempt to prevent lower extremity injuries in sports requiring quick change of direction and jumping performance. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of prophylactic ankle taping on sport performance. Subjects: Subjects were collegiate men’s basketball players. Instrumentation: Subjects performed trials of vertical jump and the Y-agility test was outlined on the basketball playing surface with ankle taped and untaped situations. Results: The average score with preventative ankle tape was 123.75 inches and the average score without was 122.75 inches. The average score with preventative ankle tape was 2.31 seconds and the average score without was 2.32 seconds. Conclusion: Taping basketball players to prevent ankle sprain injuries appears to not hinder sport performance. 

Keywords: Prophylactic, taping, basketball, performance, ankle, men, agility, jump

Topic(s):Athletic Training
Exercise Science

Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

Session: 101-3
Location: SUB Alumni Room
Time: 9:00

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