2006 Student Research Conference:
19th Annual Student Research Conference

Social Science

The Impact of European Integration on US Exports
Casey L. Copeland
Dr. Mustafa Sawani, Faculty Mentor

During the past few decades, Europe has undergone extreme changes as the members of the European Union have gradually integrated their economies. Since the US and the EU share the world’s largest trade relationship, the changes in Europe have the potential to deeply impact the US economy. To estimate the impact of integration on US exports, 25 observations (1980-2004) were used in a linear regression model controlling for the GDP of the EU-15, the exchange rate, and the amount of US exports to the EU-15 lagged one year. (Data was collected from the International Financial Statistics Yearbook and the International Monetary Fund). The results show that although the years characterized by integration under the Single Europe Act and the Maastricht Treaty saw an increase in the amount of US exports to the EU, exports to the EU decreased in the years characterized by integration after the introduction of the euro.

Keywords: European Union, International Trade, Exports, Economic Integration


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 12-4
Location: VH 1412
Time: 9:15

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