2005 Student Research Conference:
18th Annual Student Research Conference


External Cavity Diode Laser Development
Marek Haruza*, Ross Coleman, David Kiblinger, and James H. Park
Dr. Michael Goggin, Faculty Mentor

External cavity diode lasers are being developed in order to cool and trap Rb atoms. Various techniques have been investigated in order to stabilize the laser and narrow the wavelength band. Saturated absorption spectroscopy is used to resolve the hyperfine structure, verify the wavelength at which the laser is operating, and monitor laser stability. The grating-feedback laser setup has been changed from the Littrow configuration to a modified Littman-Metcalf. The new setup allows for far more precise adjustments to the feedback the laser is receiving. The saturated absorption spectra from the two configurations are going to be compared. The currently observed hyperfine structures are resolved to a much better degree, and control over the laser’s operating wavelength has improved.

Keywords: diode laser, saturated absorbtion, external cavity, Littrow, Littman-Metcalf


Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 29-76
Location: OP Lobby & Atrium
Time: 1:15

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