2005 Student Research Conference:
18th Annual Student Research Conference


Comparing Mortality Trends in Rural and Urban Missouri
Jennifer Drake
Dr. Steven Carroll, Faculty Mentor

Transitions in mortality over the last two centuries have not benefited all groups of individuals equally. Mortality data were obtained for two Missouri populations, Adair County, which is rural, and St. Louis County, which is urban. Mortality patterns in these two populations were compared on the basis of gender, year of birth (before or after 1880), and geographic location (rural vs. urban). Using a three factor, fully factorial analysis of variance, it was found that the geographic area where an individual lived had a statistically significant effect on average age at death depending on the period in which an individual was born. The effects of gender, birth period, and county had no significant effects on the mean age at death when acting alone.

Keywords: death rate, mortality, urban vs. rural, adair county, st. louis


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 23-3
Location: VH 1010
Time: 10:15

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