2020 Student Research Conference:
33rd Annual Student Research Conference

Carbon Taxes and the Show-Me State

Emma C. Rollings
Dr. David Gillette, Faculty Mentor

From transportation networks that stretch across the globe to the electricity that powers the technology that defines modern life, humans bask in the glow of combusting fossil fuels. In the face of the growing climate crisis, policymakers have offered carbon taxation as a potential way to provide a strong market incentive for decarbonization without intrusive or expensive government oversight. While experimental evidence and theory suggests that this would be effective for an economy, there are significant disparities in response to a tax between rural and urban residents, potentially complicating the implementation of such a policy in a state like Missouri.  

Keywords: Climate Change, Carbon Taxation, Missouri, Rural areas, Taxation, Market Incentives, Decarbonization, Public Choice

Environmental Studies

Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

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