2020 Student Research Conference:
33rd Annual Student Research Conference

The Impact of Choice Menus on Students' Understanding of New Vocabulary Terms and Comprehension of Text 

Molly O. West ♦
Dr. Christopher Maglio, Faculty Mentor

This study examined the impact of choice menus in reading on students’ understanding of new vocabulary terms and comprehension of a text. Students from a rural school in Missouri participated in the research. Data was collected through a pre- and post- test to determine students’ comprehension of the text when encountered with new or unfamiliar vocabulary words and the effect of choice menus on their understanding of the passage. Test results were analyzed through paired t-tests to find any significant difference. Results demonstrated there was very little information regarding statistical significance. It was determined that more research is necessary to determine the impact of choice menus on students' understanding of new vocabulary terms and comprehension of a text. 

Keywords: choice menu, vocabulary, comprehension

Keywords: choice menu, vocabulary , comprehension


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