2020 Student Research Conference:
33rd Annual Student Research Conference

Wearable Devices with Tailored Engagement to Encourage Physical Activity or Wellness Dimensions in College Students

Jessalyn L. Hultz* and Alex Abrams
Dr. Brian Snyder, Faculty Mentor

Studies using a step counter often elicit behavioral change during the active intervention which is strengthened by tailored engagement. The goal of our research is to further develop the understanding of modern wearable devices (i.e. Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.) in addition to paired tailored engagement’s impact on eliciting behavioral change in a face-to-face versus online format. Participants (n=37)  enrolled in the study are Truman students ranging between Freshman and Junior year. In order to evaluate a behavior change, we collected baseline metrics of body composition, mental health markers, and cardiovascular endurance prior to step collection. Our mid-phase one analysis of participants activity showed that the face-to-face group had an average of 8804.78 ± 3885.71 daily steps versus online group which had 7962.85 ± 4131.18 steps. In six months, Phase Two will be the collection of the aforementioned health markers to analyze participants’ behavioral change.


Keywords: Tailored Engagement, Behavioral Change, Intervention

Topic(s):Exercise Science

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