2020 Student Research Conference:
33rd Annual Student Research Conference

Going Beyond the Photograph: An Exploration of Experimental Darkroom Techniques 

Linnea A. Moody
Prof. Priya S. Kambli, Faculty Mentor

Through darkroom techniques I aim to work outside of traditional photographic parameters, creating works of art that go beyond being just a photograph. I have made multiple bodies of work during my time at Truman State University and within each one I have expanded the medium of photography in different ways. Through my series Erased, I pushed the boundaries of the pinhole camera and silver gelatin processes by manipulating the light sensitive emulsion of the photographic paper. With my TruScholars summer research, I expanded on this manipulation through chromogenic processes to create a new colorful body of work. And through my capstone research, I have continued experimenting in the darkroom through folding, cutting, and manipulating both my negatives and silver gelatin prints. By breaking beyond the photographic norms in each of my series, I aim to make unique and aesthetically interesting works of art.

Keywords: darkroom, experimental, silver gelatin process, chromogenic process, photography , art, studio art, aesthetics

Topic(s):Art - Studio Art
Studio Art

Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

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