2020 Student Research Conference:
33rd Annual Student Research Conference

Synthesis, structural and magnetic properties of Sr_{1-y}Pr_{y}Fe_{12-x}Co_{x}O_{19} nanocomposites prepared via auto combustion technique

Mridul Bhattarai
Dr. Jiba N. Dahal, Faculty Mentor

Sr_{1-y}Pr_{y}Fe_{12-x}Co_{x}O_{19} (x= 0.0- 1.5 and y= 0.1- 0.3) polycrystalline samples were prepared via the auto combustion method and analyzed with respect to their structural and magnetic characteristics. The possibility of simultaneous substitution of Fe^{3+} by Co^{2+} was verified for low substitution degrees. At higher substitution of Co^{2+}, a secondary soft magnetic phase CoFe_{2}O_{4} is observed. The room temperature magnetic parameters derived from hysteresis loops showed that the saturation magnetization of Sr_{1-y}Pr_{y}Fe_{12-x}Co_{x}O_{19} increased with the increase in cobalt content, and a concomitant reduction in coercivity values is controlled by substituting Pr^{3+} for Sr^{2+}. Mr value increases with increasing Co^{2+} content indicating the presence of an exchange coupling between magnetic hard and soft phases of the composite. The highest magnetization 61.17emu/g and coercivity Hc 3.98 kOe is observed in y= 0.1, x= 1 content. The coercivity observed is about 11% higher than pure SrFe12O19. Therefore, the substitution of Pr^{3+} and Co^{2+} in SrFe_{12}O_{19} can bring magnetization and coercivity enhancement, which is useful for the high-temperature magnetic application.

Keywords: auto-combusion, coercivity, magnetic hard and soft phases


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