2020 Student Research Conference:
33rd Annual Student Research Conference

Environmental Action: A Study of Student Knowledge on Environmental Issues

Orielle R. Heilicher
Dr. Anton Daughters, Faculty Mentor

This study examines the relationship between student knowledge on climate change and student action towards climate initiatives. In today’s political climate, the next generation needs to understand climate change issues and be able to take initiatives towards improving the current environmental state. Two hundred and eighty-one college students were given surveys to gain insight into how knowledgeable college students are about climate issues and if their knowledge reflects their actions. Statistically significant results reveal that student knowledge does reflect their actions, but students are not fully informed on the multifaceted issue of climate change. Environmental knowledge can predict both action and a self-assigned environmental awareness score.

Keywords: climate change, environment, awareness, environmental knowledge, political climate, climate action

Topic(s):Environmental Studies

Presentation Type: Poster

Session: TBA
Location: TBA
Time: TBA

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