2020 Student Research Conference:
33rd Annual Student Research Conference

Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning Vascular Access with Ultrasonography for Medical and Nursing Students

Casey L. Cook
Prof. Alison Winston, Faculty Mentor

The Institute of Medicine (2003) identifies working in interdisciplinary teams as an essential competency for healthcare professionals. Simulation experience and skills courses addressing areas of decreased confidence [such as PIV insertion] are critical to students ability to effectively participate in future collaborative practice (Brashers, 1999; Labrague et. al, 2018, Nickel, 2019). Randomly selected medical students and nursing students participated in interprofessional vascular laboratories and were administered pre/post knowledge tests, pre/post 5-point Likert surveys, and open-ended questions post study. Nursing students improved from pre to post knowledge test (all P<0.02) and agreed more with Likert confidence questions at post then pre (all P<0.008). Data analysis was completed with P<0.05 considered significantly significant. In conclusion, interdisciplinary education between medical and nursing students is effective in teaching knowledge content and increasing nursing student confidence initiating IV’s and collaborating with providers in critical situations.

Keywords: Interdisciplinary, Ultrasound, Nursing Students, Medical Students, Confidence


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