2005 Student Research Conference:
18th Annual Student Research Conference

Fine Arts

The Art of Expression: Discussing Der Hirt auf dem Felsen
Diana L. Upton-Hill
Dr. Jacqueline Collett, Faculty Mentor

Franz Schubert was an extraordinary man, writing music which has proved to outlast his lifetime. He left behind him a legacy; one of song unparalleled by any other composer to this day. His output is one of the most extensive, and all his pieces are considered pivotal in the music world. Through his compositions, he truly helped to create the art song and lieder as we know them today. Living in oppressive times, Schubert’s work reflected much of his world. The composition Der Hirt auf dem Felsen, Op. 129 (D965) is one of his most beloved. The piece encompasses the contradiction that is Schubert: life and death, longing and fulfillment, love and loss. A product of his times, Schubert was full of promise, yet stifled by certain aspects of society. It is unfortunate he was only here for 31 years. Just imagine what could have been with even a few more.

Keywords: Franz Schubert, art song, Op. 129, lieder, song cycle, Schubert, D965, Der Hirt auf dem


Presentation Type: Performance Art

Session: 15-1
Location: OP 1393, Performance Hall
Time: 9:45

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