2005 Student Research Conference:
18th Annual Student Research Conference

Social Science

The Comparitive Effects of Autogenic and Cousins Relaxation Scripts on Web Dorsum Temperature
Ian M. Lynam*, Jonathan R. Lecuyer, and Jonah J. Brotman♦
Dr. Frederic Shaffer, Faculty Mentor

The present study compared the impact of two recorded relaxation scripts on web dorsum temperature and self-ratings of calm, enjoyment, activation, and positive and negative affect. Seventeen undergraduates (6 men and 11 women), from 19 to 26 years of age, participated in this experiment. They listened to recordings of Norman Cousins and Autogenic relaxation scripts during two 45-minute sessions, spaced two days apart. Pre-baseline to post-baseline temperature increased 3.23 degrees F during the Autogenics script (p = .000) and 1.59 degrees F during the Cousins script (p = .006). The Autogenic script produced greater temperature increases than the Cousins script (p =. 047). While the Autogenic script produced greater self-rated psychological calm than the Cousins script (p = .028), there were no differences on self-rated enjoyment, activation, and positive and negative affect. These findings provide additional evidence that listening to a relaxation script incorporating Autogenic formulae can aid handwarming and increase self-rated calm.

Keywords: Autogenics, Cousins, Relaxation, Temperature, Web Dorsum, PANAS-X, Comparitive, Scripts


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 43-4
Location: VH 1232
Time: 3:00

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